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500gram Ho Shou Wu (Fo-Ti )Extract Powder Anti-Aging Man and Woman's Health AMAZING SUPERFOOD

500gram Ho Shou Wu (Fo-Ti )Extract Powder Anti-Aging Man and Woman's Health AMAZING SUPERFOOD

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He Shou Wu, is the root of Polygonum Muliflorum. A plant that grows in the mountains of central China. This herb can tonify and nourish the blood. It is one of the GREATEST energy tonics known to man. It is a very mild sedative, and CALMS the nervous system. He Shou Wu is BOTH energising and calming. A great tonic herb.

He Shou Wu helps maintain strength, and lower back stability. It is also used to maintain youthful sexual drive, and abundant sperm count in men. It ALSO supports healthy ova in women.

He Shou Wu is also used traditionally in Asia to maintain youthful conditioning and colour of the hair. It's antioxidant components have a gentle detoxification on the liver and the eyes. It cleans out the kidneys and liver which in turn clean out the blood.

He Shou Wu is a great source for IRON. It also supports the body's innate ability to efficiently clear superoxide, the highly reactive free radical, from our bodies. These, and many other reasons are why He Shou Wu is considered by many to be one of the BEST anti aging herbs in the world.

He Shou Wu contains ZINC. The benefits of zinc are plentiful, and easily available online and elsewhere to research.

He Shou Wu has been found to improve adrenal gland functioning.

He Shou Wu also tones up "jing", or vital essence.

These are just some of the incredible benefits of He Shou Wu. Truly a magnificent herb!!

Our He Shou Wu is all NATURAL and organic, and comes DIRECTLY from it's country of origin. The mountains of  Central and Southern China.

So add years and quality to YOUR life...

GRAB a bag of YOUTHFUL essence NOW......


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